Arton Farm is a daytime workplace  for young people with intellectual disabilities. The farm consists of a  multitude of operations, including biodynamic farming, animal husbandry,  craft workshops, a café and a farm shop.

Our philosophy

Workand meaningful activities are fundamental to everyone as well as provide our liveswith meaning and dignity. Work also gives you self-confidence and self-esteem.


The farm is home to community  activities. The strength of a community is based on working together and  doing activities in which everyone contributes, for example, making breakfast  or lunch, laying the table, doing the dishes and cleaning. This way we all  become aware of the fact that we are interdependent, yet still support each  other. Those on the farm are involved in the local community through jointly  organised events and activities that are valuable for the residents of the village.



The cultivation of vegetables,  fruit and herbs by biodynamic farming as well as keeping livestock, namely  poultry, goats and lambs.

Arts and Crafts

Activities that have a healing  effect on an individual, for example, artistic activities like painting,  weaving, pottery, candle making and stone carving. The free flow of  creativity originating from and the expression of our inner world produces a  liberating effect on one’s soul. The joy of creating and completing works  gives one a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Developing an Educational Trail

We aim to present the steps of  farming and animal husbandry by creating an educational trail.


Purchase and renovation of a 5,280  m2 plot of land with a 180 m2 residential building as  well as two farm buildings with dimensions of 100 and 280 m2 located  a few kilometres from Szombathely, on the edge of the village of Söpte.

About us

The foundation has several years  of experience of working with people with disabilities. The founders have  implemented numerous successful projects, including the establishment and  maintenance of a nursery and primary school as well as setting up and  operating a business. Our experience also covers the operation of a catering  unit in Hungary and Ireland, along with traditional as well as e-commerce activities.  The founders have visited similarly run institutions in Austria, Germany and  England, moreover, have almost a year of experience of running an organisation in Ireland that employs people with disabilities.

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Arton Foundation

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Bank account number: 10104789-57376800-01005008
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Bankaccount number:

HU62 1010 4789 5737 6800 0100 5008